Chyna B. Atkinson is a 18 year veteran in the beauty industry with a BA in Fashion Design and Merchandising who decided to take her business online. With this in mind she was determined to learn about the ‘How to make money online’ niche, falling in love with the education and mentorship that was available.
Having experience in fashion blogging and hair tutorials on Youtube, Chyna saw the great potential in online marketing.
She is a lifetime member and promotional partner for Vick Strizheus’s Four Percent Group which offers new and experience online marketers a platform and community to develop a blueprint for their business or brand.
Chyna’s passion for people has lead her to showing others how they can ‘Break the Code to Success’ with the right daily success elements, training and leadership.
She understands the commitment and work involved in helping each other to succeed, but also which mentor in the industry are worthy to be followed in a scam stricken online business world.
Are you ready to Break the Code to Your Success, and Ignite the vision of those ideas that you’ve been contemplating. You’re here to be guided step by step in right direction. Don’t miss out on an opportunity because of skepticism.

The Mission

Teaching and Inspiring People to Be Great. A Movement to Encourage Entrepreneurs to Dominate in their Businesses and Life!

Live a Life without Limitation and Create Your Lifestyle!

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