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About Chyna B. Atkinson

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.

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Let's Get To Know Each Other!

Hi.. My name is Chyna B Atkinson and I love dancing, electronica music, fitness, the fashion world and a whole lot more.

I was born in Bronx, New York and family began traveling due to my father being enlisted in the United States Navy. My mother was active in her studies in the healthcare industry but also decided to experiment with the MLM home based business idea. These ideas stuck with me over the years. The idea to create more time for family and having your own business while making your own schedule, always sounded better than working for someone else.

I'm a wife and the mother to a beautiful and energetic toddler, so my ``Why Factor`` has priority when it comes to creating a lifestyle of time freedom for my family, and also how important it is being able to be hands on with raising my daughter. In addition, I love the ability to teach my daughter how to create her own lifestyle and mindset taking advantage of the great source of information and possibilities that are available to her in this generation.

Being a veteran in the hair and beauty industry I've seen the internet and how the future of business is changing and it interested me in the ways that I could connect with so many more people. I love to inspire people and give them the `` Winning Feeling`` similar to the same energy I give my models and clients.

It can be addictive.
It's important to me to also have time freedom to create and exercise my passions for fashion and creative direction that have always motivated me to build an empire. In addition, this new way of connecting with people has helped me show others how they can also connect the dots with their dreams and passions.

I want to help people create their dreams and ideas, but also change their minds to making this important to them as well. I love the diversity in the online marketing community which involves a culture of personal development, inspiring individuals in creating their lifestyle on their own terms. What's better than that?

My goal is to inspire people to take time out for themselves and work bit by bit towards building their own empire. I want to help them with achieving their goals and dreams and also connect them with my amazing mentor Vick Strizheus.

He is the mentor to mirror. He provides a great community, tools, and strategies to finally get results in your business or brand. Helping people create the good life they want by providing daily training and the right strategies allow any goal to be attainable.

I want to spread this knowledge to the 4% minded individual that believes they're ready to learn and take the next action towards their goals. I would want someone to give me this information and not keep it from me. The knowledge in this industry is life changing!``